Friday, July 25, 2008


Why people have to make choice, why don’t let everything just has one way only… Sometime choices lead to good way sometime not… People will get headache to choose the way to go… or decision to make… Choice or decision are very troublesome, make people to scare, stress, and more…. Scare – make wrong choice or decision where will lead to type of their future… Stress –thinking the choice and decision that have whether it will lead to good future….


Friend will be in our road of life which can be normal friend, close friend or best friend. Friends will be until “hou heng tai/hou ci mui”. They will say anything need “friends” help “they” will help. Friends can be good or bad depends on which friend you meet. Sometimes friends will help a lot…, sometimes they use you to let them to get their goal. But for me think is when we make a friend (friendship) need fate to meet.
When a friend live you, you will be sad…, when friend hurt you, you will be angry and also think why friend do to you and can meet this kind of friend. Ourself can decide whether the friend we make is good or bad. It will be decide by us after knew each other in a time of period
I meet a lot of friends which is good and also bad want…. First, I don’t know whether the person I meet is good or bad but I will treat them as my best friends. Until I knew them more deeply, then I know what kind of friends that I have. Mostly, I meet want all are good(“kong ye hei”(Cantonese))…. And meanwhile which bad, I also have I remember most which is happen last 3 years. At first, they treat me good, like close friends After 2 months, they start ignore me. At first for me is nothing but one day, they talk bad things at the back of me(“pui hao kong yan wai wa”(Cantonese)). I don’t know why they say this kind of things at me… I few sad for a short time and think back why they do this to… whether I got do something wrong or hurt them…. But that time I just be myself…. I didn’t ask them why because I hate people that talk bad thing behind of someone… For me just like lost something, and just forget it and just go for a happy period… At there not them only, I mix with others…and continue my life..
After that I enter form 6 few weeks and then need go for diploma at Butterworth. In the time I form 6. I meet more new friends. That time I enjoy while have before going for my diploma study. During form 6 was happy but for a short time and I satisfy with it…. Hahahaha…….
Then when I leave form 6 and enter my diploma study… at there I have happiness and sadness during 3 years of study…… Before starting the diploma courses. I have new friend that I meet which is during interview… that time we talk about our result, what kind of questions will the panels ask. When is my time for interview, there where some problem where happen which is clash between turn of interview, that time where two person have the same number, one is me and another is a girl(quite pretty). At last problem solve. And then after my interview, I talk back to a friend there which is just meet before my turn of interview. He ask me question about what the panels will ask because he want to be prepare….
When the courses start I meet him and some other also during interview…. Then one of them becomes classmate…. While during study period… many happiness, sadness happen…. All friends that I meet there are all my best friends…. But at the end something happens… there are two group if them we starting to ignoring me “again”
The feeling start to hurt again but this time most serious…… that time want to mix with other can’t…. that times I was so sad and want to find people to talk about it.. then I find a friend which is not study in the same college…. I call a friend to talk but that time …. were buzy and I call other friend lucky, … were not buzy…. I talk the situation of mine to … and I feel better…
Friend nowadays are like that can be good or bad……