Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Happiest Day of My Big Day

17 November 2009, the happiest day of my life... The first she celebrate b'day with me and is the first time I celebrate b'day with a special person... :) . And then also the present too....

The First B'day cake i received

The First Present i received

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Success or Failure

After the previous incidents happen onward, which is 1 week plus until now many things happen. Have to adapt to the new situation which occur time and many more. From the incidents, i learn more and more where need to appreciate what I have (friend, family, love one and etc).

This "thought" has be running around in my head since my last semester break. What should I do? Should do this? or Should do that? Can't stop think about that thought..until now... patience is needed..but until when is still in the mystery.. will be success or will it be a failure..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


All the thing happen recently is too fast, can't expected especially accident fall for my housemate - James, Ghim Chnieh and Chin Yeap. A bit glad one of them survive but still can't accept what is already happen. It take time to recover... I knew both of them ( James and Ghim Chnieh ) for 10 months, all the memories in 1539 with them will in my heart forever.

The memories...

Chit Chat with James and Ghim Chnieh

Eat lunch with Ghim Chnieh

Everyday listen song where James tune his speaker volume until the whole house can listen

Study together at daytime and night time

Play dota...

Sometimes will saw both of you at Uni and other place in kampar

Chat at the roof

Miss those day with both of you
All those day will be treasure until the end.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lost World of Tambun

Went Lost World Tambun on Wednesday straight after my class end at 11 am (tiring and boring class) Luckily, one of my friend bring a new friend that i just knew him where he worked before in the Lost World so we can get staff price...hehe. The normal price is RM 30 per person, we get RM 22.

The snake damn heavy...

Petting Zoo

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

钟健桦 - 暗恋

看着你 犹如天使般的美丽
很想能和你在一起 很爱你
只是你 虽然知道我深爱着你
却又装作一切不在意 在逃避
不敢对你说我爱你 现在后悔都已来不及
很想对你说一句 我深爱着你
看着你 犹如天使般的美丽
很想能和你在一起 很爱你
只是你 虽然知道我深爱着你
却又装作一切不在意 在逃避
不敢对你说我爱你 现在后悔都已来不及
很想对你说一句 我深爱着你
很想对你说一句 我深爱着你
我深爱着你 深爱着你

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Class of Computer Engineering 09/01

Computer Engineering (CT) 0901

Serious take

Act crazy to take the picture

Black and White

Photographer: Mr. Kuek Chian Shiun ( Lecturer of Digital Circuits And Systems)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Botanic Garden / Eco Park

This Botanic Garden (also known as Eco Park) is located somewhere in Simpang Pulai. I doesn't know the exact location.. hehe.. The environment there is nice (can go jogging, relaxing and etc) and the air the is much more better than kampar. Hope to go there again to feel the green environment.






Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Doesn't everyone want to be 100% happy? How about 200% happier? So why aren't you? Below see how this can come true for you.

Have you ever noticed how often people rely on others in their pursuit of happiness? How they expect someone else to make them happy? You might hear people say things like: "If only he would be nicer." "Didn't she know that would hurt my feelings?"I would be happy if he would only listen to me more."

When people have this idea in their head they can spend a lot of time figuring out how to fix or change other people.

What's the trouble if you try this strategy? Not only do the other people feel irritated, they often get defensive at your attempt to "FIX" them. And it leaves you powerless. If THEY don't change, YOU can't be happy.

But even more important is that, since what you focus your attention on grows, focusing on what you don't like will cause it to become what you notice most in your life.

Say, for example, when your significant other comes home they often leave a trail with their clothes, bags, books, whatever, strewn throughout the house. It drives you nuts! Every time you look at the residue of stuff they leave behind them, you feel irritated.

This has gone on for so long that now you notice every little piece of debris, everywhere you look, all the time.

And what you focus your attention on grows. Perhaps you say something like this to them: "Can't you pick up after yourself? You are such a slob."

It's probably not the first time you've talked about the clothes on the floor. And probably not much has changed since that first time. So what happens next?

Your partner probably is irritated at being told not to leave his/her clothes around. You lose hope that things will ever change. And you spend all your time noticing what you don't enjoy about your partner.

Remember, what you focus your attention on grows!

So here it is, the step that will move you closer to being happier than ever before: Develop YOUR ability to focus your attention on what you ENJOY.

Maybe this sounds too simple. But ask yourself: "What would my day be like if I started and ended it by simply noticing or remembering everything that I enjoy in my life?"

Remember, what you focus your attention on grows. Focus on what you enjoy - it's the simpliest, most enjoyable way to begin happiness in your life now.

Try this. Pretend that you have an emotional bank account. Every one of your thoughts makes a deposit. This means that if you're constantly depositing painful memories in your emotional bank account, they will grow and grow.

They'll even start multiplying if you're using the law of compound interest. What's this? It's compounding the effect of thoughts like: "What a slob!" with more thoughts like: "She doesn't care about me." or "He's the most selfish person I've ever met."

Now, do you feel happy?

Imagine everyday finding things that you enjoy, and that you have gratitude for.

Your significant other comes into the house and smiles. Is that something to be thankful for? They ask if you would like to go out to dinner. Is that something to be thankful for? You see them put something away, without being asked. Is that something to be thankful for?

Now imagine depositing these memories in your emotional bank account, day after day. And compound them with as many other thankful, grateful thoughts as you can so they grow and grow. "It's lovely when he brings me tea; he's so considerate sometimes." "I'm so glad we like doing things together." "We just have so much in common; she is so much fun to be with"

How do you feel now?

Happy or sad, good or bad, pleasure or pain - authentic happiness is up to you. Focus on what you enjoy. Enjoy being thankful. It's something anyone can do, even you.

What you focus your attention on will grow. You do have an emotional bank account so start saving your happiness up today. With a bank-full of thankful, you will be the best at being happy now."
Written by: Beth Banning and Neill Gibson

Friday, May 1, 2009


Imagine LIFE as a game in which you are juggling some 5 balls in the air. You name them - WORK, FAMILY, HEALTH, FRIENDS and SPIRIT and you're keeping all of these in the air. You will soon understand that WORK is a Rubber Ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other Four balls - Family, Health, Friends and Spirit - are made of glass. 

If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for balance in your life."

How? Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special. Don't set your goals by what other people deem important. Only you know what is best for you. Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as they would your life, for without them, Life is Meaningless. Don't let your Life slip through your fingers by living in the past or for the future. By living your life one day at a time, you live, all the days of your life. 

Don't give up when you still have something to give. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying. Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect. It is this fragile thread that binds us to each together. 

Don't be afraid to encounter risks. It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave. Don't shut LOVE out of your Life by saying it's impossible to find time. The quickest way to receive LOVE is to give, the fastest way to lose LOVE is to hold it too tightly, and the best way to keep LOVE is to give it wings

Don't run through life so fast that you forget not only where you've been, but also where you are going.
Don't forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. 

Don't be afraid to learn. Knowledge is weightless, a treasure you can always carry easily.

Don't use time or words carelessly. Neither can be retrieved. Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way. 

Yesterday is HISTORY,
Tomorrow is a MYSTERY and
Today is a GIFT , that's why we call it THE PRESENT.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Saying the Four Things

Four simple phrases — "Please forgive me," "I forgive you," "Thank you," and "I love you" — carry enormous power. In many ways, they contain the most powerful words in our language. These four phrases provide us with a clear path to emotional wellness; they guide us through the thickets of interpersonal difficulties to a conscious way of living that is full of integrity and grace. 

In The Four Things That Matter Most,  teaches us how to practice these life-affirming words in our day-to-day lives. Too often we assume that the people we love really know we love them. Its reveals the value of stating the obvious and provides insights into how we burden ourselves by hanging on to old grudges unconsciously and unnecessarily. Its will shows us how to avoid living with those awkward silences and uncomfortable issues that distance us from the people we love and erode our sense of well-being and joy. His insights and stories help us to forgive, appreciate, love, and celebrate one another more fully. 

The inspiring stories in The Four Things That Matter Most demonstrate the usefulness of the Four Things in a wide range of life situations. They also show that a degree of emotional healing is always possible and that we can experience a sense of wholeness even in the wake of family strife, personal tragedy, divorce, or in the face of death. With practical wisdom and spiritual punch, The Four Things That Matter Most gives us the language and guidance to honor and experience what really matters most in our lives every day.

Please forgive me.
I forgive you.
Thank you.
I love you. 

These four simple statements are powerful tools for improving your relationships and your life. 


爱情 不是一道选择题。
好无力 去找寻
别伤心 你放心
如果有一天 命运让我们再次相遇
其实我也在等待 另一个奇迹
好无力 去找寻
别伤心 你放心
别伤心 你放心
当你笑着找到 你的相信
我会将这三个字 化作你的姓名
永远的 放在心里…… 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


At last, it rain and it rain heavily... it happen today, 2 something in the morning... what i have been waiting for the past few day of hot temperature.... Really feel the rain.. and feel want to rush out to the rain but couldn't because of final is coming.. scared caught cold and sick.. haha.. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm surfuring the hot weather in kampar... can anyone help... almost cooked already myself.. want to study, and do other stuff also no mood, even sleep also can due to the hot weather in kampar. 

あつい ! あつい !  あつい !

あめ てんき!!! あめ てんき!!!! あめ てんき!!!!


Birthday cakes... black and white
Judy Happy birthday party  at her house...  judy get  happy what we plan.. she get surprise when we all burst into her room...  after what we done, she felt touch what we have done.. even more ask her room mate why don't tell  her got this surprise.. her room mate say she also don't know got surprise plan... if got also pretend don't  know...
First the black cake enter her room and sang the english birthday song... then the white cake enter with singing chinese version....
Photo taking section..

Judy with friends..
Judy with housemate..
After cutting cakes and eat... then we change to another place to continue the celebration... which is boombox (pub).  And that time another cake is prepare which is the boombox give to her as her birthday party at there. At the sure have beer already.. 4 bucket package.. 1 bucket 6 bottle... At there force to dance too.. haiz... don't know how to dance still have to dance because being force by birthday girl... Then a friend bet with someone where if she drink the beer until where we pointed... the friend have to strip his shirt and dance..
Too shy..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mini cinema in westlake house 1539....

This happen because my room mate have a projector which is use for the buddhise society in utar have a event. After their rehearsal, my room mate took it come home.. because left at heritage hall also no use.. so he took it back....

Sound system for the mini cinema..

Source to play movie...

The Projector...

The screen...

Beside become mini cinema.. my housemate used it to play games... ex: counter strike and dota...sweat....

Counter Strike( sniper )

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


After trying to do the step, in all the sudden it drop to the start..... have to start from basics.... Why this kind of step very hard to step on..... why? No matter how hard it takes and how long it takes, the result also will be same have start over again from the beginning....
Sometimes is hard to accept this kind failure because this failure repeat and repeat again.... not even once success.....why......????
But sometime from failure, will gain experinces.... and next time will be more carefull and give more on next time to gain success...