Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Happiest Day of My Big Day

17 November 2009, the happiest day of my life... The first she celebrate b'day with me and is the first time I celebrate b'day with a special person... :) . And then also the present too....

The First B'day cake i received

The First Present i received

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Success or Failure

After the previous incidents happen onward, which is 1 week plus until now many things happen. Have to adapt to the new situation which occur time and many more. From the incidents, i learn more and more where need to appreciate what I have (friend, family, love one and etc).

This "thought" has be running around in my head since my last semester break. What should I do? Should do this? or Should do that? Can't stop think about that thought..until now... patience is needed..but until when is still in the mystery.. will be success or will it be a failure..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


All the thing happen recently is too fast, can't expected especially accident fall for my housemate - James, Ghim Chnieh and Chin Yeap. A bit glad one of them survive but still can't accept what is already happen. It take time to recover... I knew both of them ( James and Ghim Chnieh ) for 10 months, all the memories in 1539 with them will in my heart forever.

The memories...

Chit Chat with James and Ghim Chnieh

Eat lunch with Ghim Chnieh

Everyday listen song where James tune his speaker volume until the whole house can listen

Study together at daytime and night time

Play dota...

Sometimes will saw both of you at Uni and other place in kampar

Chat at the roof

Miss those day with both of you
All those day will be treasure until the end.