Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hooray..... at last getting my diploma cert. at the convocation on monday(10/11/2008)

Gather back all coursemate.....why don't they do the whole courses - electrocnic, computer, mechatronic and manufacture togather.... that should be nicer.... but me happy also..... hooray......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Talk to her and Explained

At Last got some contact with her.... talk... talk.... explain explain.... question question....

at last confession..... the conversation between it... secret.... hehehehe........

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy holiday

Starting 28 sept until 4 oct i was so happy even so this main holiday is Hari Raya because many of my old old friends are all back to hometown~~Taiping(Rainy Town). This whole week, i enjoy very much and mostly go out for kia kia during afternoon untill morning(2-3am) and sometimes morning come out too. Go out here and there, even more now taiping already develope: got cinema, sushi king, starbuck, pelita and more... For those week, i watch 2 movie with old friends which is death race and eagle eye. Both movie are so best.... excelent movie. Then sometimes ask people come out "yam cha"; now got new word replace "yam cha" which is "ka teh"...

But got 1 night many people are busy with their own stuff; study, doing assignment, lab report and more, i was so boring but lucky got 1 person was not busy(" my daughter ") so i got find

" my daughter " for chatting( kheng kai).

At last i have enjoy the most after i finish my study 3 years in diploma. That week i will remember what have i enjoy.. hooray!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

At Last

Now i at last starting to forget "her".... Got One thing that i want to give her but i didnt... because i want to try to forget her and the thing that i want to give i ask a friend to keep so that let me faster to forget her... if i still keep that thing, i will be more hard to forget her............

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tired and Bored

Me have transfered to KL - Sri Petaling, At here sometime damn bored especially at night where i always sit in front of the PC... sien sien.....

Beside that sometime i feel tired after teaching especially too on thursday because have to teach from morning till night....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feel like going back to past

In current days, my brain thinking like want to think back previous day that is done
and feel like going back to time. Now, i can't enjoy more like last time, where me now

During last time --> starting primary school and secondary school, I am quite a playfull
person where like to play, jump and run here and there when got free time to skip in to
play....hahahahaha.... Beside that, i can mix with my old friend(until now, knew them
almost 9 - 10 years) Then friends when i knew them in Diploma study(JMTi) are also quite
enjoy but not as during primary and secondary school. This is because, JMTi got rules
restriction which is after 10.00pm, no student are allowed to go out accept emergency..
such as accident which is related to a student and more...

The most enjoyable things is that camping, go out with old friends and more... In camping,
quite suffer but can learn many new things, friends.. and more

Then for now, me are currently working and can enjoy much even other friend can have more holiday( for student) than me....

Monday, August 18, 2008


Every people have dreams. Sometimes people have sweet/good dreams, sometimes people have bad dreams, sometimes they dream normal things only.In each person dream, they can dream about their girlfriends, good friends(male or female), more happiness which is dreaming where getting married and more.
When people dream bad thing(ngok mong -cantonese), people will sweat and will wakein a sudden where something bad happen in their dreams. All this dream, every people will have.But 1 thing different for me is manytimes of my dream will come reality where when i do a thing, and i feel that this thing i have done before but doesn't know when it happen.When i have a bad dream, i be scared that it will be come reality. The bad dream i had is a best friend of my jump down from a building in front of me. For me every bad dream that i have, don't make it into reality that allIf sweat, good or normal become reality is fine with me..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Still Can't Forget Her

After many things happen, starting last year august my feeling towards her come in a sudden, then try to speak my feelling toward her but when want to tell her but didn;t have the brave to speak up my feeling toward her especially that those three word...

Then i find a friend to talk and ask for advice and get some courage from a friend.. Then on my birthday try to tell her my feeling toward her and manage to tell her but take almost 45 minutes to tell those three word... why those three word so hard to tell.....

After that she ask me when those feeling toward her come.. then she reject me with some reason which like she not good girl to me to like... For me, is nothing.... then i ask her to take time to think 1st.....

Then i try to call, sms her because i miss her... want listen to her voice even can't see her but everytime sms and call her... no response that time like she ignoring me.... sad and hurt.

Then in this year, in Feb... at last she answer my call ady, we talk something else 1st...then i ask her again about the things, then she reject again... hurt again..... but i told her that i willing to wait for her no matter what....... then she tell me don't waste time on her.., find other girl which is better than her... that time i my mind think is when i find a girl which is better than her but feeling toward a girl are not less than her......

After that she sometime like try to ignoring me...... then later nothin already... me got sensitive on it or else??? nevermind as long she answer my call back enough...
then i heard she come back from her schooling for holiday... i want to call her out and meet her but can't get to her... and then in the saturday morning when i when out with two of my friend for a walk at lake garden.. in the period of time in the lake garden i message her and she got reply... thank... my feeling so excited... hooray~~~ then i straight call her when she reply me and she answered... in the conversation.. i try to ask her out but she that day can't because no transportation out.... then i feel a bit sad.... in a sudden, she ask me a question where need my help to fix her laptop... me that time reply no problem after ask what i should help on her laptop... then i ask her when she say maybe in the evening.... but she will let me know what is the time later.... that time i was very happy that i gonna meet her....
Then i the afternoon, i go to my friends house while wait her confirmation on the time and place.... then around 3 something like that, i received her message that she can't make it today...ohh.... my happy feeling drop immediately.... but she say want to pospone to tomorrow but the condition still the same can't confirm the time....(sad)... then i wait for tomorrow but me scared also where i maybe can't meet her because me going back to work already.... but i still wait her sms from her in the morning but none.. then i message her that i can't help her already with her laptop because going back at 3 pm.. then she got reply me...

Then until now my feeling toward her didn' t change at all even before she ask me to erase my feeling toward her.. just be normal friends but i can't.... what should i do?.....

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Feel very lonely nowdays, friends all at other place (all mostly study)...As for working... same as well alone starting on 12 August 2008, he go to kl and teach there. transfer by bossbut only fro three week. When he come back it's my time to go kl, exchange..then at there sure lonely again but will lonely during working time i thinkbecause many of my primary and secondary school friends and others are at kl but can enjoy there where there are no class(working).


Students are people that enter school ann from school they learn and gain knowledge. Beside school, they will enter next level of schooling(after primary and secondary)..some enter A-level, some take scholarship like JPA, and more, some enter diploma, some take form 6, and more.....
Everyone will entering all this (lu chen).. as well as myself also have. But now me have entering working era and become a tutor which have to teach student. Me myself have become student before and know all of kind of student. But now me know more than previous when i become student.. because when i'm teaching, i found new attitude of one or more students.
Not all student i currently teach are good.. some come entering class but dont't want study... ask them write note, they say "ok ok, i will write, but they didn't write... what should i do?.. leave them or else....
Some of the student are good, even more their outside appearance like gangster,... they come and got the heart to study. That the study are easy to teach, and extra easy if the student have english basic.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


What do you think love is? How you treat love as?

From my opinion, every people will have love their receive and give to.. also will depend on what love their receive and give to...

The love their give and receive can be many types - from parent, sibling(normal)
- from friends (can be say normal too) can be say like friendship.

-This want is the most people want the kind of love is love receive from a special person (after succese call boyfriend/girlfriend)

Loves sometime are cruel where it can hurt people feeling. For example, couple break up. People love also can be used(pei li yong) to lead their goal(mu di).

Me sometime feel jealous to the couples.. where their love can be share to his/her partner.... This kind of love mostly need hardwork( li) to get it. Why mine so no luck wan, sad sad.. cry wuwuwuwu. When is the time come to meet my true love. waiting.. waiting...

Nowdays, most our people i knew(call friends) have girlfriend or boyfriend.. already receive or give their love to their special person. Happy for them which their found their happiness.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Work and Study

Choice between work and study? What will you choose? Work! or Study! Work have it's own benifits and Study also have it's own benifits.......( my oppinion)

Work can earn more money. From works we can give some of our salary to our parents.

Studies - we can gain more knowledge from what we have studies.

Working, we will enter the working environment but depend when. it maybe after your study or somethings else first then only work. Sometimes a person don't feel like to enter working environment yet (Maybe have own way of thinking). Some feel study is better, can enjoy, not stress then working(stress), and more....

Friday, July 25, 2008


Why people have to make choice, why don’t let everything just has one way only… Sometime choices lead to good way sometime not… People will get headache to choose the way to go… or decision to make… Choice or decision are very troublesome, make people to scare, stress, and more…. Scare – make wrong choice or decision where will lead to type of their future… Stress –thinking the choice and decision that have whether it will lead to good future….


Friend will be in our road of life which can be normal friend, close friend or best friend. Friends will be until “hou heng tai/hou ci mui”. They will say anything need “friends” help “they” will help. Friends can be good or bad depends on which friend you meet. Sometimes friends will help a lot…, sometimes they use you to let them to get their goal. But for me think is when we make a friend (friendship) need fate to meet.
When a friend live you, you will be sad…, when friend hurt you, you will be angry and also think why friend do to you and can meet this kind of friend. Ourself can decide whether the friend we make is good or bad. It will be decide by us after knew each other in a time of period
I meet a lot of friends which is good and also bad want…. First, I don’t know whether the person I meet is good or bad but I will treat them as my best friends. Until I knew them more deeply, then I know what kind of friends that I have. Mostly, I meet want all are good(“kong ye hei”(Cantonese))…. And meanwhile which bad, I also have I remember most which is happen last 3 years. At first, they treat me good, like close friends After 2 months, they start ignore me. At first for me is nothing but one day, they talk bad things at the back of me(“pui hao kong yan wai wa”(Cantonese)). I don’t know why they say this kind of things at me… I few sad for a short time and think back why they do this to… whether I got do something wrong or hurt them…. But that time I just be myself…. I didn’t ask them why because I hate people that talk bad thing behind of someone… For me just like lost something, and just forget it and just go for a happy period… At there not them only, I mix with others…and continue my life..
After that I enter form 6 few weeks and then need go for diploma at Butterworth. In the time I form 6. I meet more new friends. That time I enjoy while have before going for my diploma study. During form 6 was happy but for a short time and I satisfy with it…. Hahahaha…….
Then when I leave form 6 and enter my diploma study… at there I have happiness and sadness during 3 years of study…… Before starting the diploma courses. I have new friend that I meet which is during interview… that time we talk about our result, what kind of questions will the panels ask. When is my time for interview, there where some problem where happen which is clash between turn of interview, that time where two person have the same number, one is me and another is a girl(quite pretty). At last problem solve. And then after my interview, I talk back to a friend there which is just meet before my turn of interview. He ask me question about what the panels will ask because he want to be prepare….
When the courses start I meet him and some other also during interview…. Then one of them becomes classmate…. While during study period… many happiness, sadness happen…. All friends that I meet there are all my best friends…. But at the end something happens… there are two group if them we starting to ignoring me “again”
The feeling start to hurt again but this time most serious…… that time want to mix with other can’t…. that times I was so sad and want to find people to talk about it.. then I find a friend which is not study in the same college…. I call a friend to talk but that time …. were buzy and I call other friend lucky, … were not buzy…. I talk the situation of mine to … and I feel better…
Friend nowadays are like that can be good or bad……