Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tired and Bored

Me have transfered to KL - Sri Petaling, At here sometime damn bored especially at night where i always sit in front of the PC... sien sien.....

Beside that sometime i feel tired after teaching especially too on thursday because have to teach from morning till night....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feel like going back to past

In current days, my brain thinking like want to think back previous day that is done
and feel like going back to time. Now, i can't enjoy more like last time, where me now

During last time --> starting primary school and secondary school, I am quite a playfull
person where like to play, jump and run here and there when got free time to skip in to
play....hahahahaha.... Beside that, i can mix with my old friend(until now, knew them
almost 9 - 10 years) Then friends when i knew them in Diploma study(JMTi) are also quite
enjoy but not as during primary and secondary school. This is because, JMTi got rules
restriction which is after 10.00pm, no student are allowed to go out accept emergency..
such as accident which is related to a student and more...

The most enjoyable things is that camping, go out with old friends and more... In camping,
quite suffer but can learn many new things, friends.. and more

Then for now, me are currently working and can enjoy much even other friend can have more holiday( for student) than me....